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Royce Renee Woods (Sister of Tiger Woods) | Net Worth, Age, Parents, and Wiki

Royce Renee Woods is the older half-sister of Eldrick Woods, better known by his stage name Tiger Woods, and the aunt of Cheyenne Woods, another well-known professional golfer. Her niece and half-brother are also well-known golfers.

Royce Woods has two well-known golfers in the family in addition to his equally good father, Earl Woods. Veteran soldier Earl saw action twice in South Vietnam. As a lieutenant colonel, he left the US Army and joined McDonnell Douglass Corps.

Biography (Age, Height, & Wiki) (Age, Height, & Wiki)

Popular Name Royce Woods
Real Name Royce Renee Woods
Date of birth 1961
Age 61 years old
Place of birth Abilene, Kansas, USA
Hometown Standford, California, USA
Current city San Jose, California, USA
Father Earl Woods
Mother Barbara Gary
Step-mom Kultida Punsawad
Siblings Three
Brother(s) Earl Dennison Jr. Woods,
Kevin Dale Woods and
Half-brother Tiger Woods
Orientation Straight
Status Unknown
Children Unknown
Occupation Former Basketball player and
WNBA coach
Net worth Unknown
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Measurement Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Complexion Brown


How much money does Royce Renee Woods make?

According to rumors, Royce played basketball professionally before becoming a WNBA coach.

Therefore, even if the precise value is unknown, it is safe to presume she has made a respectable sum of money from her 20 years on the basketball court.

Information about Her Parents, Brothers, and Family

Royce was born into a multicultural household. Even her father’s uncle and aunts had a variety of skin tones because her great-grandmother was of mixed race.

The family even made the internal joke of having a Chinese ancestor because of the varying skin tones.

The youngest of the three children Earl Woods and his first wife, Barbara Gary, had, Royce was born as the only daughter and only child of the couple.

In 1954, her father wed her mother; they went on to have three children: Royce, Earl Jr., and Kevin. Although they had three children, the couple was divorced in 1968.

While stationed in Thailand following the divorce, Earl wed Kultida Punsawad, his second wife. He also had Tiger Woods, Royce’s half-brother, with Punsawad.

The name Eldrick, which began with the letter Earl and finished with the letter Kultida, was chosen by the couple.

To commemorate Lieutenant Colonel Vuong Dang Tiger Phong, an officer in the Republic of Vietnam Army and a close friend of Earl, they eventually gave him the moniker Tiger.

Now, the youngest son of Earl and the half-brother of Royce plays golf professionally and is renowned across the globe by his moniker.

And Earl, who gave Tiger his first golf lesson at a very early age, deserves all the credit for his achievement.

At the age of 42, Earl himself started playing golf. Despite being a harmless ordinary player, he was terrified of the game and even taught Tiger, who was only two years old, how to play.

For the first five years, Earl taught Tiger by himself and even helped him become a child genius. But after that, he looked into getting his kid professional instruction.

Tiger was raised by his father, who also helped him when he was younger. After attending Stanford University, Tiger joined the Stanford Golf Team.

He lived at Royce’s house in California while attending Standford for two years and was close to her.

In order to repay her for her compassion, when he became successful, he bought her a house in San Jose.

Royce has another well-known golfer in her family in addition to Tiger Woods.

Her niece Cheyenne Woods, who is also well-known in women’s golf, is the offspring of her oldest brother, Earl Jr.

Royce’s Relationship with Her Husband

Royce has kept the utmost discretion regarding her own life despite having famous people in her family.

Therefore, no one is aware of her marital status or the number of kids she has.


There is little information available on Royce’s educational background because she has avoided the spotlight.


Royce came from a sporting-loving household. Her father, who played baseball as a young man, learned the game from her grandpa, who loved it. Later, her father taught her half-brother how to play golf.

Royce discovered her passion for basketball as many of her family members discovered their passion for baseball and golf.

She played basketball professionally and even at the university level.

She played for as long as she could before retiring and beginning a career as a WNBA coach.

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