Brands of Yogurt

The 10 Best Brands of Yogurt

Both tasty and ancient are yogurt. Although it is commonly considered to be a fairly recent food item, yogurt has been consumed for thousands of years and has existed since the Neolithic Period. This indicates that yogurt consumption predates knowledge of microorganisms.

Let’s skip the history lesson and get right to the top brands of yogurt available today:

1. Fruitizz Organic Yogurt

American startup Fruitizz produces organic yogurt in a variety of tastes. They are renowned for their great flavor and utilise only organic ingredients. The brand offers both Greek and normal yogurt, but its berry-flavored cups, which come in blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry variants, are particularly well-liked. Many people like the choice of Fruitizz’s fruit smoothies, which use their yogurt as the foundation. This makes for a quick and simple breakfast, especially for youngsters.

Brands of Yogurt

The top brands of yogurt available now are listed above. Choosing one among the businesses on our list will be challenging for anyone seeking to get some new yogurt because there is no denying that they all provide high-quality goods. The decision eventually boils down to your particular preferences and the flavors that appeal to you the most at the moment. Before settling on a particular brand, you should check into these 10 options further if you enjoy Greek-style yogurt or organic foods.

2. Muller Yogurt

While most of the businesses on this list have been in business for a shorter period of time than Muller, it is another European brand that specialised in yogurt. It is a German corporation that was established in 1842 and has always been controlled by a single family. The business produces both Greek-style yogurt and normal yogurt, both of which are frequently flavored with fruit or other candies. Nearly all of the nations surrounding Germany sell Muller yogurt, but notably Austria and Switzerland where it has long been one of the most well-known names in the market.

Brands of Yogurt

3. Fage Greek Yogurt

Another business that specialised in Greek-style yogurts is Fage, which has been established for about 100 years. Currently, the French dairy juggernaut Danone, which also owns Yoplait and Activia, is the owner (both on this list). The business was founded in Greece, where yogurt, cheese, and cream were their areas of expertise. When Greek immigrants brought the product to America in the 1950s, they gained a global following. Fage Greek yogurt is now widely available in Europe and the US because it is so well-liked by consumers who appreciate a thick and creamy texture together with strong tastes.

Brands of Yogurt

4. Liberté Greek Yogurt

Although they have yet to become well-known outside of Europe, where yogurt is most popular, this French firm produces some of the greatest yogurts in the world today (and even their availability can be tough). The business was founded during World War II when the proprietor, unable to get yogurt abroad, decided to produce his own. They currently rank among the top brands in France and export their goods all across Europe and the rest of the world. One of the best-tasting yogurt brands on our list is Liberté Greek Yogurt, so if you reside in Europe and haven’t tried it, you should absolutely do so.

Brands of Yogurt

5. Kroger Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is one of a wide selection of items offered by the mid-range American grocery retailer Kroger. They are particularly well-known for their Greek-style yogurts, which are readily available on the shelves of the majority of Kroger stores and come in a variety of flavors. To accommodate any appetite or diet, the firm offers both simple and flavored variations, including chocolate fudge. It is simple to understand why they have been successful in America because their prices tend to be cheaper than those of many other companies with comparable quality.

Brands of Yogurt

6. Chobani Greek Yogurt

Over the past five years or so, the popular Greek-style yogurt brand Chobani has swept the nation. Despite having its roots in New York City, this brand is now available almost everywhere in the country and is one of the most well-known yogurt brands in the country. Customers may purchase a container of Chobani Greek Yogurt in the deli area of several supermarkets to eat for lunch or as a dessert that evening. The firm produces a variety of tastes, but its original plain flavor with no added sugar is its best-known product.

Brands of Yogurt

7. Stonyfield Farm Yogurt

American firm Stonyfield Farm produces organic yogurt from grass-fed cows. The dairy is sourced from farms in New Hampshire, where the cows are not only given a grass-based diet but are also not given antibiotics or hormone injections. Their yogurt is renowned for being extremely creamy and has a taste all its own because of this natural farming method. Gary Hirshberg, a major proponent of organic products at the time, founded the business, which has been in operation since the late 1980s. Yogurt from Stonyfield Farm is currently available in over 30 varieties, including strawberry, blueberry, and peach.

Brands of Yogurt

8. Danone Activia

Another French company with a history spanning more than a century is this one. Danone is best known for its Activia brand, which uses probiotic cultures to target digestive health and general wellness. They offer a wide range of flavors, including everything from mango to chocolate banana pudding-flavored yogurt, just like Yoplait. The firm also produces milk, frozen desserts, and other dairy items including cream cheese. In fact, the business is so big that General Mills previously bought it before selling it in 2007.

Brands of Yogurt

9. Yoplait Original

American corporation Yoplait produces yogurt and other dairy goods. Despite having a broad range of various tastes, they are most recognized for their original flavor. Yoplait has been established since the early 1960s and is currently owned by General Mills, a significant food producer with operations in more than 100 nations. Yoplait was one of the first businesses to offer yogurt on a commercial scale and has a long history of doing business in France.

Brands of Yogurt

10. Light and Fit

Make sure you invest in nourishing meals if you want to improve your health. Add Light & Fit to your regimen to get up the correct way. These dairy products can feed your gut with living cultures thanks to non-fat milk and a variety of low-sugar alternatives, and they can also give you more energy because of the extra protein. You may treat yourself to a vanilla or cherry tub in addition to the delectable banana and strawberry varieties.

Brands of Yogurt


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