Many women find it impossible to leave the house without applying makeup. They should put on their best faces, which includes applying eyeshadow, mascara, facial structure, a flush, and lip color. While many women have a tendency to flatter themselves, some do not. Well, depending on who you ask, applying makeup may be either simple or very difficult. No longer is it necessary to read fashion publications to find out more about how to apply makeup correctly. The following are, in my opinion, the top 10 best makeup tutorials on YouTube.

  1. People on a tight budget who nevertheless want to appear great in the mirror can watch Steiner’s videos. The YouTube user posts simple video lessons in which she solely uses cosmetics from drugstores at affordable prices. Of all of her how-to videos, her smokey eyes instruction has received the most views. Though there are many excellent smokey eye videos on YouTube, hers are straightforward and easy to follow.

Speaking about eye makeup, the dramatic eye makeup techniques offered by Jennie makeup may astound you. On the video-sharing website, she has a lot of how-to guides. She offered product reviews in addition to cosmetic video clips, which can be of interest to certain customers.

  1. On YouTube, there are a lot of popular makeup instructional networks. One is Makeup By Tiffany D, which offers both beautiful eye beauty overviews and a range of simple makeup instructions. There are no distracting computer graphics or historical tunes in the video segments, and the directions are quite straightforward.
  2. Everyone wants their face to seem youthful. Jacqueline will show you how on her YouTube channel, brilliantbrnette81. This channel, like many others on YouTube’s cosmetic instructional networks, has video tutorials on applying eye shadow.
  3. Many of the YouTube cosmetics video creators are women who use makeup every day. But there are also professional makeup artists that understand the visual pleasure of applying makeup, such as makeup geek tv. Her tutorials are clear, and she offers makeup tips that are restrained and only serve to enhance a natural appearance. Be aware that she frequently uses the far more costly cosmetics brand MAC in her instructional videos, but you may always use any makeup brand you have on hand.
  4. You frequently have to attend costume or Halloween parties that need creative makeup. Michelle Phan has created unique makeup lesson videos that are inspired by popular culture figures like Barbie and films like Character. She also offers movies where she discusses fundamental at-home beauty plans and treatments in addition to instructions. Some viewers don’t enjoy the woman’s smooth, pleasant voice.
  5. If you want a unique makeup look, look at Panacea81 on YouTube. She launched her own beauty product business as a result of her popularity online. Additionally, she assesses products and makes suggestions for all females.
  6. Miss Chievous’ channel is the spot to visit if you want to express a lot of originality. The woman has several creative makeup tutorials. She experiments with novel ideas and develops a wide range of cosmetics looks. Those who are curious about the proper makeup for Halloween must visit her network.
  7. Purse Buzz is another well-known cosmetics expert. In addition to her cosmetic instructions, she also offers advice on hairstyles and clothing.
  8. You may read about cosmetics and nail polish on Elle Fowler’s own channel, AllThatGlitters21. Her how-to videos mostly target college-age female viewers.


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