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Why Loving Yourself Is Essential for Entrepreneurial Productivity: the Rev. Yahdan Yada

Yahdan Yada, Minister of Health and Founder of The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation and Yadalo Group SA, appears to be a bit of a contradiction to the outside world. On the one hand, he is very ambitious; he plans to open a lavish wellness resort in the Ecuadorian mountains and overhaul the continent of Africa’s troubled transportation system in order to create thousands of jobs. He does, however, fervently believe in loving oneself and taking care of one’s body and mind. In summary, Minister Yada is a firm believer in daily slowing down even as he moves forward with programmes that will change the world. He cheerfully acknowledges the paradox but insists that in addition to being essential for his health, checking in with himself is ultimately what motivates him to be productive.

If I hadn’t given priority to looking after my mind, body, and spirit, I would never have advanced as far as I have, claims Minister Yada. “I have discovered, perhaps the hard way, that success only comes when your thoughts, including how you view yourself, are in line with your objectives. Even if you have the heart of a CEO or a world leader, if your thoughts are holding you back, you will not achieve your full potential.

He explains that because he was fatherless, mistreated, and neglected as a child, he had a negative mindset when he was an adult. Being convinced of his own worthlessness, he underperformed and vacated jobs, failing to realise his aspirations.

Yada says, “I eventually found self-love, which was the key to changing my mind and filling it with positivity. “Once I made the decision to believe that I wasn’t actually worthless, my self-esteem rose, giving me the confidence and energy to live as my authentic self. I was given the opportunity to live out my lifelong dreams. For this reason, I set aside time each day to check in with myself and ensure that all of my thoughts are positive and supportive of life. No of how big or small their companies may be, I urge all CEOs to follow my advice.

Minister Yada adds that self-love is crucial because it attracts the proper individuals to your circle by functioning as a magnet. He attracted people who just reinforced his poisonous self-hatred while he was in his teens and early twenties.

Let’s pause for a second and consider what this means for the entrepreneur, adds Minister Yada. “It’s hard enough to start a business, much less make it profitable. It’s one of the largest religious challenges you’ll ever encounter. You simply have a dream, but you must persist until it becomes a reality. But in addition to holding you back, your own negativity attracts other individuals who will only serve to confirm your fears and concerns. You feel as though you are standing in quicksand and sinking considerably more quickly.

Minister Yada’s self-hatred showed itself in poisonous friendships with individuals who weren’t encouraging of his business goals. However, he started attracting people who were truly helpful when he started practising self-love and severed links with emotionally harmful people.

Minister Yada recalls, “I met my amazing wife, who not only believed in my views but helped me make them stronger.” She and other wonderful people were drawn to me by my positive energy, and their own positive energy improved me and my business. Every entrepreneur may benefit from this synergy, which is lovely to experience and increases productivity.

Self-love affects the body directly, not simply the intellect. Minister Yada’s health deteriorated when he was under the influence of negativity. He was so anxious at one point that his liver started to shut down.

As you may guess, this made him reflect deeply on the meaning of self-love and the significance of stress relief. It also made me reconsider the foods I eat because I only have one body in my lifetime. I need to fuel my body with the correct meals in order to operate multinational corporations across several countries, not just my head.

After some time, Minister Yada came up with a new diet for himself, one that incorporates herbs and vegan raw foods. He strengthened his immune system and gained more physical and mental vitality by detoxifying his body. The result was increased productivity at work.

Because of her experiences, Minister Yada now firmly believes in the power of self-love and how it may boost productivity among business owners. Today, he advises company leaders to check in with themselves to make sure their attitudes and behaviours are constructive as he heads The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation and strives to improve living conditions in Senegal through Yadalo Group SA.

We all want to go on as soon as the sun rises in order to realise our entrepreneurial dreams, Minister Yada explains. “Since the world won’t stop for us, we feel compelled to keep going till the sun sets once more. But keep in mind that without self-love, no entrepreneur can be genuinely content or even prosperous. You will have the ability to fulfil your aspirations with it, and even better, you will be able to enjoy the road and inspire others.


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