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6-night trains that travel the most beautiful routes

Recently, information concerning the European Union’s ambitions to build a substantial network of night train connections connecting several cities from Lisbon to Helsinki came to light. While everything is still in the conceptual stage and they want to carry out their plans by 2030, we are going to tell you about 6 interesting night train lines throughout the world.

Most frequently, people choose to travel by their own or hired vehicle. It is simpler, more practical, and simpler to plan, especially when different automobile rental firms provide the greatest variety of possibilities globally, from providing Bentley car hire Dubai to rent less luxurious alternatives. However, train travel between two locations might be considered a voyage in and of itself. So let’s examine it more closely.

Milan – Palermo

The voyage from northern Italy to Sicily lasts around 21 hours, but the window views are the most opulent since, at one point, they reveal that the Tyrrhenian Sea is only a few meters away and that, in general, there will be a lot of water in the viewing area for many hours. The most interesting part of the journey begins at the Strait of Messina, where the train is disassembled into couplings of several cars and driven onto a special railway ferry. Once moored, it can then be reassembled. The train travels along the western coast of the “boot” until it reaches the Strait of Messina. The narrowest point of the strait is crossed in around 30 minutes; during this time, travelers can get out of their automobiles and get a cup of coffee from the vending machine.

Prague – Split

When air traffic was restricted due to the pandemic in 2020, a striking and extremely congested 21-hour road from the Czech Republic to Croatia became feasible, and the carrier has continued to include it in its schedule to this day. From Prague Central Station, the comfortable yellow RegioJet train travels through the rural Czech Republic, passes Brno just before it’s time to turn in for the night, arrives in Bratislava, and then departs early in the morning for the stunning Adriatic coast, where you can take a bus to the resort you need.

Cairo – Luxor

It is worthwhile to take a night train from the modern capital to the ancient one in Egypt if you’re looking for a novel experience. The train initially travels through the gloomy streets of Cairo before making a stealthy nighttime crossing of the Nile to reach Luxor. In around 10 hours and 30 minutes, he completes the full distance. The Wataniya firm sells sleeping spaces; for the rest, you will need to sit in regular seats.

Bariloche – San Antonio Oeste

A rare opportunity to traverse Argentina while experiencing the variety of its landscape. In northern Patagonia, close to the ski slopes and Nahuel Huapi Lake, the train’s journey begins at the foot of the Andes. From there, you may choose to continue on and go to the Valdez Peninsula to see whales, or you can start farther and fly to the coastal city of San Antonio Oeste in 14 hours.

Delhi – Jaisalmer

India has a vast train network, but one of the most fascinating runs is from Delhi to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, which is in the center of the Great Indian Desert of Tar. Indian Railways, which is awed by the vibrant Indian architecture along the road, offers to travel this distance in 19 hours. Jaisalmer is surrounded by golden homes that resemble the endless sands, and as you travel throughout the day, you will pass by two other locations that are also worth a traveler’s close attention: “pink” Jaipur and “blue” Jodhpur.

Los Angeles – Seattle

Everything you may want to view is visible from the compartment window, including the ocean, mountains, lakes, pine woods, deserts, and large towns. The route passes by some very memorable locations in California, Oregon, and Washington. It seems like a fairy tale, yet you will doze off while lying on the Pacific Ocean coast and awaken in the highlands. Traditional American cuisine is available in the restaurant car and is included in the ticket price.



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