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The Best Rocky Mountaineer Journeys

The Canadian trains, like Rocky Mountaineer, showcase the untamed alpine terrain and wild animals that can only be viewed by rail while providing cozy carriages, delicious meals, and first-rate service. You may tailor your stay in the Canadian Rockies with the aid of Canadian rail vacations after choosing the perfect route. A little thrill, luxury, and beautiful scenery? Please, yes!

Only from dawn till nightfall can Canada’s well-known daylight train operate. While enjoying breathtaking beauty and first-rate service, you may go to Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Kamloops, Whistler, and Vancouver.

Work with a Canadian Insider to plan your trip

That lovely person you met at the local coffee shop who suggested you visit a lesser-known local attraction and who ended up being the trip’s high point? That is how Canadian Train Vacations’ travel specialists are.

Organize everything for you

At this time, you’re already daydreaming about mountains, moose, and crimson maple leaves. Work with a travel specialist, fusing your unique tastes with their insider knowledge, to save you hundreds of hours of pointless web searching.

When necessary, seek assistance

A travel specialist from Canadian Train Vacations will make sure you are informed even before you leave your home. And you can relax on your vacation knowing that you may contact your adviser if you have any worries while you’re in Canada.

simple details on Canadian trains, such as travels on the Rocky Mountaineer

  • British Columbia and Alberta are connected by the Rocky Mountaineer train, which makes stops at Lake Louise, Banff, Vancouver, Quesnel, and Kamloops.
  • In Canada, the Rocky Mountaineer railway runs from mid-April to mid-October.
  • The Rocky Mountaineer train trips’ itineraries were developed to provide visitors with the finest scenery and picture possibilities.
  • The itineraries are designed to ensure that no sites are missed, and overnight breaks include transportation to a comfortable hotel.
  • On board, the train in Canada, gourmet snacks, chef-prepared meals, and local BC wines are offered.
  • Canadian trains have attentive onboard hostesses who give stories the entire way.
  • The finest times to travel by train in Canada, such as on the Rocky Mountaineer, are from spring through fall when the weather is pleasant.
  • Trains have well-developed transit routes, such as the Rocky Mountaineer rail lines.

Services Offered on the Rocky Mountaineer

The Canadian Rocky Mountaineer train offers two different service levels.


Imagine traveling in a bi-level glass-dome luxury coach while enjoying the mouthwatering cuisine created by Executive Chefs and the breathtaking scenery of Canada. Consider it a realization of a dream. It is!

You will have an allocated seat in the Canada double-level train on the top floor, directly below the dome window, which will provide you with a 360-degree view of the surroundings. Furthermore, Canadian trains have an outside observation deck where passengers may go to take in the fresh mountain air.


The breathtaking scenery will take your breath away as you travel through the Canadian Rockies in a cozy single-level train car. You might even want to pinch someone!

The beauty outside your window won’t be missed for a second. Your spacious seat will be provided with hot, delicious meals. Enjoy the onboard host’s historical details and local tales. This service level also features an exterior vestibule so that patrons can step outside and take in the cooling mountain breeze.


A number of Canada’s most picturesque towns and landscapes—from the sparkling waterways of Vancouver to the crisp mountain air of Jasper—pass through on the train journey, similar to the Rocky Mountaineer train journey.


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