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A Look at Lucita Aranas’s Life

Lou Diamond Phillips is perhaps most known for playing Ritchie Valens in the film La Bamba. For his outstanding acting and directing in films like The Kind and I, Courage Under Fire, and Che, among many others, he has also been nominated for a number of accolades. He does not lead a showy life as many others do, yet he is frequently photographed. He thinks that the support he received from his parents, especially his mother, allowed him to succeed and become famous.

Continue reading to learn more about Lucita Aranas, his mother, her husband, and other details.

Individual Life

Little is known about Lucita Unayam Aranas, the mother of Lou Diamond Phillips. She is a Filipina who was born in Candelaria, Zambales. In 1935, she wed US Marine crew chief Gerald Amon Upchurch; however, when he passed away in 1963, their union came to an end. In 1962, she gave birth to a boy who was given the name Leland “Lou” Diamond. It’s unclear if he passed away as a result of an illness or during a military action. Later, after a second marriage to George Phillips, who adored both her and her son, she adopted a baby boy named Lou Diamond. In actuality, Lou Diamond adopted the surname Phillips after being adopted.


Gerald Amon Upchurch, a US Marine and KC-130 crew leader, was married to Lucita Unayam Aranas, albeit their wedding date is unknown. Gerald Upchurch and his partner gave birth to a baby in 1962, but he passed away tragically in 1963.

Later, she remarried George Phillip, a US army veteran who also functioned as Lou Diamond Phillip’s stepfather. Lou legally adopted the boy and gave him the last name Phillip.


Lou Diamond Phillip, a successful Hollywood actor who was raised by Lucita Aranas, is reported to be the only child she ever had. He is highly renowned for playing Filipino-American roles, which you can see him doing frequently.

Career for Children

American actress Lou Diamond Phillips is highly recognized and has had a significant impact on Hollywood. He started acting in the 1980s, with Trespasses serving as his first feature. His breakthrough role as well-known rock star Ritchie Valens in the 1987 film La Bamba marked the beginning of his career.

After appearing in a number of films and TV shows, he also appeared in Imagine Dragon’s well-known music video for “Radioactive,” which has received over a billion views on YouTube. In the 2016 film The Night Stalker, he portrayed serial murderer Richard Ramirez. He has received several honors throughout the years, including the Excellence in Entertainment and Arts Asia Pacific Islander Heritage Award from 2005.

Gross Value

The amount of Lucita Aranas’s wealth has not been officially disclosed. Her net worth is unknown because she had a normal life in the civilian sector. Lou Diamond Phillips, her son, has a net worth of about $6 million.


Lucita Aranas hasn’t been in front of the camera all that much. We only know what her son has said about her in interviews and other appearances. What is certain is that she was a strong, devoted mother who inspired her son to work hard for achievement. Despite having experienced several setbacks and heartbreaks, she did not crumble and instead worked to improve herself as a person and a mother. She never allowed her setbacks and disappointments to depress her; instead, she grew from them and continued on with a braver heart.

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