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Marnie Fausch Banks, the ex-wife of Jonathan Banks, Bio, Career

Many of us are familiar with Marnie Fausch Banks since she was the ex-wife of the actor Jonathan Banks. After two years of marriage, the couple had a kid. Most of Jonathan Banks’ followers were left wondering about the entire situation even though they kept the details of their separation and subsequent divorce a secret.

Award-winning actor Jonathan is most known for his roles in the Breaking Bad television series and its spinoff, Better Call Saul. Additionally, he has acted in movies including The Commuter, 48 Hours, Gremlins, Reign Over Me, Mudbound, and Incredibles 2.

For additional information about Marnie Fausch Banks’ and her ex-spouse Banks’ private lives, continue reading.

Bio of Marnie Fausch Banks

On July 22, 1947, Marnie Fausch was born in Pennsylvania, USA. Marjorie Carr Fausch was her mother, and Charles C. Carr, a former joint owner of the St. Petersburg Times, was her grandpa. Joan Schachtner and James C. Fausch are two of her siblings. She remained anonymous up to the time she married Banks in 1968.

Joanna Rae Banks Morgan is the name of Marnie and Banks’ daughter. In 1970, after only two years of marriage, they got a divorce. Many of Banks’ admirers lost trust in him since the pair kept their separation a secret and didn’t give any explanations. After her relationship with Banks came to an end, Marnie continued to live a life outside of the spotlight.

Career of Marnie Fausch Banks

In 1972, Marnie relocated to St. Petersburg, where she worked as a graphic designer and library assistant. In Boca Grande, she started the Boca Beacon in 1980. By 1985, it had expanded quickly. Marnie sold the newspaper business in 1988 and was appointed CEO of Bayou Bonita Communications Corp.

Marnie died in a vehicle accident in 1991.

Daughter of Marnie Fausch Banks

Joanna Rae Banks Morgan is the lone offspring of Marnie and Banks. She is frequently referred to as Joanna Banks. Despite not being an actor, she followed her father into the film industry. Joanna is a wedding videographer and lifestyle photographer. She avoids the spotlight most of the time, but you can find her on Instagram, where she occasionally shares some of her work.

Former husband of Marnie Fausch Banks

If Jonathan Banks’ name doesn’t immediately come to mind, you may recognize him as Wiseguy’s investigator Frank McPike. Banks, who was born on January 31, 1947, has gained considerable notoriety for his portrayal as hitman and cleaner Mike Ehrmantraut in the television series Breaking Bad. From the second season of the show till its conclusion in 2012, he joined the cast. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, released in 2019, and the spin-off series Better Call Saul, which ran from 2015 to 2022, both featured him in the same character.

Additionally, Banks has appeared in the movies The Commuter (2018), Airplane! (2018), Beverly Hills Cop (1984), Boiling Point (1993), and Incredibles 2. (2018).

Marnie Fausch was Banks’ first wife; they were divorced in 1970. He fell in love with Genera Gonzalez Debian twenty years later. They had been together for more than three decades and he married her in 1990. They have a daughter from Gennera’s previous relationship in addition to fraternal twins.

After the Woosley Fire destroyed Banks’ Malibu house in 2018, he experienced a significant loss.

A Conclusion

After her marriage to Banks, Marnie enjoyed a brief period of fame. She continues to be popular because her ex-acquaintances husbands continue to delve deeper into his personal life.

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